Bhujang - Re-imagining Cyber Intelligence
(+91) 124 4361 5450
90, Moulsari Avenue
DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon—122002
Haryana, INDIA


very venture thrives on a central, unchanging idea. In Bhujang's case, the intense discussions that took place at a national security caucus convened in September 2015 were the catalyst. A group of thinkers and doers had gathered behind the closed doors of the caucus to discuss some of the crucial issues plaguing the country -- cybersecurity was one of them. The seed was planted right then.

In May 2016, after months of deliberations, the foundations of this unconventional venture were laid by the three mavericks.

It was christened Bhujang, the Sanskrit word for serpent. In Indian mythology, this nimble but ferocious creature was often seen guarding access to treasures. Our logo is inspired by the mystical symbol of Ouroboros, the paradox of a snake eating its own tail, representing the infinite continuum of the threat intelligence cycle.

Bhujang’s mission is to challenge and re-interpret the existing models of enterprise security. Our work begins at the point where the conventional models fail to defend the digital frontiers of a nation and protect its critical infrastructure.

The venture has received seed funding from investors with a rich background in serving the Indian defence industry. It has also been endorsed by key agencies of the Indian Government and leading research institutions.