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Fifty Shades of Offensive Defence
I see a strange paradox in front of me. The world has never been this safe – the end of the Cold War brought forth a global resolve to taper conventional arms and weapons...
The Challenges of Achieving Military-Grade Cyber Attribution
Published by The Quint: — I have been pondering over this for months now. In the wars of the future, how would the armed forces of a nation decide that reasonable thresholds have...
Cyberspace as A Theatre of ‘Non-Linear War’
Cyberspace as A Theatre of ‘Non-Linear War’ A paper for DEFCOM India, a prestigious journal of the Indian Army, edited by the Corps of Signals. Vol 3 No 1 2017 Abstract – This paper...
REPORT: India’s Cyber Readiness At A Glance
  Melissa Hathaway led a task force on cyber in the Bush administration and was a member of Obama’s National Security Council. I have particularly followed her writings since 2009, while she was a...
Welcome aboard, Abhijeet Kunwar!
Hip hip hurray! Bhujang is thrilled to welcome Abhijeet Kunwar, who will spearhead the development efforts as the chief architect. With a decade of solid product experience, Abhijeet prefers to see himself as a...
Special column in the Business World
A special column for the 35th anniversary issue of the Business World magazine.   Digital India 2035: Cyber threats are a spanner in India’s growth engine When I was enlisted into a government organisation...
GRC is dying and the Indian CISO would be jobless in a decade
Risk indeed assumes a wager or a bargain. But that bargain has to be statistically driven and mathematically proven. Gartner is calling the bluff and telling us to solely focus on the risk, deriving...
The War in Your Back Alley
Fight decentralisation with decentralisation, chaos with chaos, is the message that has emerged from Borderless Cyber Europe. A new set of open, inter-operable standards that allows the creation of vendor-agnostic, collaborative and cross-organisational threat...
The ‘Shadow Brokers’ & The NSA Hack: Some More Wild Conjecturing in A Wilderness of Mirrors
In the aftermaths of the Shadow Brokers' hack of the National Security Agency's operational systems. I am kind of enamoured by the beauty that lies in the chaos of asymmetric warfare. A billion-dollar op,...
The Collective Incompetence Of India’s Cybersecurity Leadership
Between the excess of talk and the absence of action of India's Cybersecurity leaders, lies the periled future of a nation that proudly blows the bugle of "Digital India".
Why India’s Pursuit Of Cyber-Cooperation With The US Is A Threat To Our Information Sovereignty
A critique of the recently inked Indo-US cybersecurity pact, published by The Huffington Post.
Cyber, Darkly
This article will be published in the April 2016 issue of the Quarterly Journal of the Centre for Advanced Strategic Studies. Inspired by Dan Geer’s 2014 Black Hat keynote, ‘Cybersecurity as Realpolitik’.
A Non-Aligned Cyberspace: Recommendations for the Ministry of External Affairs
The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had sought a set of recommendations from me for engagement on Global Cyber Issues.
The Travails of an Indian Cyber Warrior
An opinion piece published in The Quint. The third in a series, originally titled ‘The Travails of an Indian Cyber Warrior’. I reason with the Deputy National Security Advisor, Dr. Arvind Gupta, to never...
Cyber: The War India Never Fought, But Lost
On the ethno-centric specter of NSA’s cyberwar which threatens global security. The deafening silence of India on the Juniper debacle and its geopolitical impact. How cyber-espionage is chipping away our GDP. The pussyfooted approach...
Managing our porous digital frontlines
The liberal dream of a neutral cyberspace is dead and the foreign threat detectors are conspiratorial and selective. Like the US, India’s threat detecting agencies must refrain from operating in silos to stop the...